Welcome To Course Go!

Course Go team seeks
To promote training, rehabilitation and sustainable development to contribute effectively to the progress of our beloved Arab country by applying the latest international methods and methods and commitment to quality, excellence and credibility. To achieve an integrated system that promotes practices, business organizations and individuals to the highest international standards. Through effective and constructive partnerships with the most qualified specialist trainers in various fields

Our goals

Enabling Arab youth to acquire skills.

Building strategic partnership bridges with selected entities and actors locally and globally.

Contributing to the integration of Arab youth into the labour market.

Introducing all-new in the world of training.

Course Go platform should be the link between the parties to the training process (training centers – trainers – trainees).

Based on the fact that training is a responsibility and a message the Course Go team seeks

To mobilize all the elements of creativity, excellence and leadership in providing the latest training programs in accordance with international training standards by creating a brand and a good reputation for trainers and training programs providers to keep up with the requirements of individuals and institutions

Course Go team looks forward

To achieve his vision in the development of human resources through a technical and administrative elite unique in its expertise within the oldest training circles where we work to provide individuals and institutions with the latest professional skills through renewed training and development programs that help in the performance of all tasks and functions to the fullest. Through our dedicated team and international best practices that contribute to raising the efficiency of institutions and individuals and increasing their competitiveness and providing training and consulting services efficiently and globally professional and creative standards

Enthusiasm and passion

Work ethics

Customer satisfaction

Community responsibility

Continuous improvement

Components of the training process

All our training programs are prepared for them to suit the needs of the customer and the target training group.

We carefully select the training expert through a wide range of experts and consultants who cooperate with us where the expert or trainer with a professional and academic background is selected to suit the training program as well as the target group.

A certificate of attendance is granted to all trainees provided that the required attendance rate is passed and the necessary tests for each training program are passed.

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